Oculoplastic Surgery


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Oculoplastic surgery is a medical and cosmetic procedure for the eyelids and the eye socket area. At KLM Eye MDs, Dr. Nickisa Hodgson — a fellowship-trained doctor — specializes in oculoplastic surgery, helping patients in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and Greater New York areas overcome eyelid-related conditions that interfere with vision and eye health. She also provides her patients with a youthful, vibrant appearance by performing eyelid surgery in the safest manner possible. Whether you want a cosmetic fix or a functional one, call or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation.

Oculoplastic Surgery Q & A

What is blepharoplasty?

With age, your upper and lower eyelids can become saggy or heavy, making you feel tired or sleepy, as well as limit your field of vision. Heavy eyelids and bags under your eyes also have a way of adding age to your face.  

Many people inherit this eyelid characteristic, and when their skin becomes less firm with age, the tissues around their eyes are often the first to succumb to gravity. During blepharoplasty, Dr. Nickisa Hodgson removes the excess tissue above and below your eyes, giving you a more youthful and alert appearance.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty eliminates redundant skin as well as fatty tissues of the upper lids. This can take years off your face, make you feel and look well-rested, and open up your field of vision.

This surgery can be functional (medically necessary) or cosmetic (elective, or optional). Lower eyelid blepharoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of under-eye bags, tighten the lower lids, and eliminate excess skin when necessary.

While blepharoplasty can dramatically improve your cosmetic appearance, it’s also critical for people whose eyelids are so heavy and droopy that they interfere with vision and daily activities.

What is droopy eyelid or ptosis repair?

Ptosis repair is a surgery for droopy upper eyelids, which is more extensive than blepharoplasty. It’s performed when the margin of the upper eyelid gets to be too low and starts to interfere with your vision. Ptosis repair involves “taking a tuck” in the muscles that lift the eyelid.

When needed, this is performed along with blepharoplasty, also removing redundant or loose skin.

What are entropion and entropion repair?

Entropion is a condition that causes your eyelids to invert, or flip in, towards your eye. This causes severe irritation, tearing, and discharge, since your eyelashes begin to rub the cornea, resulting in pain and possible infection.

This condition can be age-related or can develop as a result of other ocular problems or blepharospasm. Entropion repair is a surgery that can tighten the eyelid and place it in the correct position, avoiding the rubbing of the eye.

What are ectropion and ectropion repair?

This condition, the opposite of entropion, causes your eyelids to flip outward, or evert. Ectropion is brought on by age, nerve damage, scarring, sun damage, or prior surgery.

Ectropion typically causes red and tearing eyes. Ectropion repair can tighten the eyelid and place the margin of the eyelid in its proper position, opposing and protecting the eye itself.

What is Mohs eyelid reconstruction?

Cancers that affect the skin can commonly affect the eyelids. Dr.Nickisa Hodgson can perform a biopsy of any concerning growth on the eyelid, and if cancer is found, she can perform surgery to remove it fully.

Mohs surgery is the process of removing the eyelid cancer, which is done by a specially trained dermatologist. Dr. Nickisa Hodgson works with several dermatologists in Brooklyn to perform eyelid reconstruction after removal of the cancer to give you the best possible functional and cosmetic outcome.

Dr. Nickisa Hodgson and her team perform all of these procedures at their advanced, on-site surgical center on an outpatient basis, meaning you’re free to return home after the surgery.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the oculoplastics procedures, call KLM Eye MDs or book an appointment online.